What’s Coming Up Next for the WWE Superstars

The WWE announced a slew of new titles this week, including two new stories for cast members.

One, titled Neverending Story Dragon, stars Cyntoias Brown and features an interlude in which the two discuss their own romantic lives.

“We are living the dream,” Brown tells Cyntos, who is played by Alex Karpovsky.

“I’ve been living the Dream for the last year, I’m living it for the past three months.

We’re the ones in the middle of it.

It’s a dream that I’ve had since I was born, and I’m going to keep it going.”

Brown and Karpowsky are the only two cast members to have had their own series on television.

Their show, The Story, which is currently airing on TBS, is the first WWE series to feature a male lead since the WWE NXT Championship.

The cast of The Story also includes Emma, Kaitlyn, Dwayne Johnson, Bobby Roode, Tyler Breeze, Nikki Bella, and Dolph Ziggler.

Brown and the rest of the cast of Neverend, which has a weekly audience of nearly 10 million, have had success with their shows, so it’s not surprising that they will continue to take on more roles in WWE, especially in the coming months.

The most recent series, Cyntooia Brown, which premiered in 2018, will be available for streaming on March 14, 2019.

That’s three years after the cast first began work on their new series.

Brown also announced that she and KARPOVSKY have begun shooting a pilot for a new spinoff series.

“If we can do this with a cast of the caliber of the characters we have on The Story that I think we have, then it’s just a matter of time,” Brown told Bleacher in a statement.

The new show, called The Neverended Story Dragon will air on TSN1.

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