The ‘George Floyd’ story is the story of a game

On Sept. 15, 1968, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Cincinnati Bengals 24-21.

In the waning moments of the game, Floyd scored a touchdown.

“It’s like a little piece of heaven,” Floyd said at the time.

“The best feeling in the world.”

The win moved the Falcons to 8-1 and the Bengals to 1-10.

But after the game and before the playoffs, Floyd’s teammates asked him if he would like to do a little tribute.

Floyd said yes.

In an interview with ESPN, Floyd said he wanted to honor his teammates who died during the game.

“I’m just going to throw up and celebrate with everybody,” Floyd told ESPN.

“Because they had a dream.

It’s their life.”

Floyd’s message was delivered on a giantess statue at the Atlanta Braves’ stadium in downtown Atlanta.

In a series of videos, Floyd showed the players how to tie a rope around the statue.

The giantess statues, which are now part of the Atlanta-Fulton County Museum of Art, are named for Floyd and his wife, Barbara, in memory of the victims of the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

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