Why is this story so popular?

Three-time Emmy Award-winning TV show “Mystery Science Theater 3000” returns to NBCUniversal’s flagship network Thursday with a brand-new episode titled “A Haunted Christmas.”

Set in the fictional town of Springfield, Massachusetts, the episode follows the lives of two children as they attempt to make it out of the town in the face of a new threat.

The episode will air on January 20.

“It’s a fun new story that will be very entertaining,” show creator Joel Hodgson said in a statement.

“I can’t wait to tell more stories from this world.”

While the show is not the first of its kind to air on the network, it is the first one that features a young girl and her family.

It was created by Hodgson and Matt Groening and originally aired in 2001 on Comedy Central.

The show’s characters, including Marge, Moe and Maggie, have been portrayed by young actresses like Kate McKinnon and Kristen Schaal.

The characters also include a dog named Pogo, who is voiced by actor Zach Galifianakis.

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