When ‘wonderful’ new app will help you be better at Facebook

Facebook is giving us some very good news on the social network’s new app for its users, called the Stories app.

The app lets you share a photo or video, or send a friend a link to a page, video, music or a photo.

But you’ll also have the option to use the app to “create, edit, and share” a new story from within Facebook, or to share a curated collection of stories from a large number of friends.

The new Stories app allows you to share photos, videos, links and stories within Facebook Stories, as well as share a wide variety of other Facebook content from its photo and video feeds.

This is an update to Facebook’s Stories app, which has always had a single place to share stories.

The first version of Stories in October 2016.

Facebook will now let users share photos from its Photos app or the Photos app of Instagram.

But if you don’t want to use Photos, you can also use Facebook’s Facebook Messenger app to share Stories.

The Facebook Stories app will be free for all Facebook users and the company is also making the new app free for everyone in the United States.

Facebook says the new Stories application will let you share stories from across Facebook, but it will also allow you to create new Stories from friends.

You’ll also be able to create “shared stories” and share these stories directly with other people within Facebook.

But it won’t be as easy to create Stories directly on Facebook.

You won’t have to go to Stories.com or your Facebook account to start sharing Stories.

“You can now create stories directly within Facebook’s mobile apps and Facebook Messenger,” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook has been working on its Stories app for a while, but the company hasn’t publicly announced its plans for the app.

Facebook’s Story platform has been used by more than 200 million users and has attracted more than 10 billion views.

Facebook had previously said Stories was not going to be launched for the iPhone or Android, which had a “huge advantage” over the iPad and other tablet devices.

Facebook also didn’t say when the app will go live in Australia or the United Kingdom.

“We’re thrilled to see a major tech company embrace the Stories platform with a new app, and we look forward to bringing this new app to more people in the coming months,” Facebook general manager for the Stories and News team said in the blog post announcing the app’s release.

Facebook said Stories is designed to help people discover stories and share stories in a shared, curated, and fun way.

Facebook recently launched Stories for Android in the U.S. and for the U,K.

It said in its blog post that it will be rolling out Stories for iOS later this year.

The company said Stories for iPhone will also be launched later this month.

Facebook is also rolling out an update for Messenger that adds features such as the ability to send messages to other people or to create and share Story Stories from Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is also launching Stories for YouTube and for Facebook’s News Feed app.

There’s also a new feature called “Story Stories” for Instagram, which lets you choose a story to be a featured photo, a story in News Feed or a story that appears in Stories.

Stories is also coming to Facebook Messenger in other countries.

Facebook first announced the Stories feature in January.

But Facebook didn’t give a timeline for when the new Facebook Stories would be launched.

The Story app is a new extension of the company’s News app, a mobile-first app that is already available on iOS and Android devices.

News is a shared feed of stories, images, videos and other content that Facebook offers to its users.

Facebook News Feed will be released to users on iOS later in the year, with the new version arriving for Android users later this summer.

Facebook started to develop Stories for Stories in September 2016.

Stories for Facebook will be a new way to discover stories in the News Feed, Facebook said.

Stories has been in development for a few years.

Facebook introduced Stories in 2016, and the service was available for free until September 2017.

Facebook launched Stories as an extension of its Messenger app in August 2017.

Stories on Facebook has had a rocky start.

Stories had been a niche product, but Facebook was not happy with how users were using the app and its stories, and it started rolling out new Stories features for Stories to help users discover and share content.

Facebook began working on Stories in the fall of 2016, after Stories for Messenger had launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Facebook released Stories in Australia in early 2017.

And Facebook released the first Stories for Australia in late 2018.

Facebook was forced to delay the launch of Stories for Australian users in early 2019 because of a bug that could have made it difficult for Facebook to sell Stories to Australian users.

The update that allowed users to upload Stories and then share them to the Newsfeed could also have prevented

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