How to get your favourite toy in the Disney Infinity 3.0 set

In a first for Disney Infinity, the new Disney Infinity Toys will be released in sets of five and they’ll come in a set of five colours: light blue, light green, green, pink and purple.

These toys will cost £34.99 (€40.59) and the Disney team are keen to give them to everyone in the UK, with all toys having the same design, so there will be no extra charge for the sets.

This is a great start and we hope to see more Disney Infinity toys to come in the future.

The Disney Infinity Toy Set will be available to pre-order at Toys R Us starting on October 8th, and will be in stores starting on November 4th.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 toys are also on sale now, priced at £27.99.

These are not available at the Toys R US store but will be on sale in the US starting on December 8th.

Disney Infinity is currently available for pre-orders on Disney’s online store, but it is not yet available for purchase in the stores.

This has been a major disappointment to many gamers and some have been calling for a refund of the purchase.

Disney has been very responsive to the community’s concerns, and have confirmed that they will be releasing the Toy Set and the 2.1 Starter Pack at a later date.

The Toy Set is currently only available in the Toys store, and the Starter Pack will be coming to Disney Infinity 4.0 later this year.

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