Toy Story costumes to be auctioned off after Trump victory

A toy story costume, the “Toy Story” character Mickey Mouse, will go for $2,500 on eBay.

The costume is part of a collection of Mickey Mouse costumes sold at a convention in Las Vegas.

The Disney brand has sold a collection for about $500,000 at auction.

“The Disney costume collection is a very limited edition collection of the original Disney characters and their iconic costumes,” said the auction house.

The collection includes “The Little Mermaid” and “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” as well as Mickey Mouse and the Sea Witch.

The auction house said it has received about 4,000 bids on the costume.

Trump’s victory is expected to result in a record $1.1 trillion worth of new sales and an increase in consumer spending in 2018.

Disney has said that the $400 million figure will not be a “typical” figure, and that the figure was “sold to honor the legacy of the Mickey Mouse family.”

The Trump administration has said it will not allow Disney to sell any of the costumes, citing the Trump administration’s desire to preserve the legacy.

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