‘Weird Al’ Yankovic is coming to the world of Lego!’

A couple of weeks ago, an article about Lego, Lego Ideas, and the world that it’s created was published on Lego News.

It was a short article that contained no mention of any of the other products that are currently in use at Lego, but it was the most recent one to appear.

The article is titled ‘We’re launching a new video game.

We’re bringing Weird Al Yankin to Lego Worlds.’

As with any Lego product launch, there was a lot of buzz around this new Lego game.

As it turns out, the new Lego video game has actually been in development for about a year.

At the time of writing, the Lego video games are still in early development, but they have already sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

While they have yet to officially launch, it appears that they have been gaining popularity in the gaming world, and have already started to reach out to more than 100,000 Lego fans.

Lego has also been busy building up their new line of LEGO accessories.

In the past year, the company has unveiled a number of new products including a series of themed minifigures, and an assortment of Lego accessories, including a range of Lego bricks and more.

But what has attracted so many people to the Lego games?

The answer seems to be that they’re a fun way to get people excited about the world and its inhabitants.

One thing that has been really popular in the Lego world has been the “Star Wars” theme.

If you’re not familiar with the Lego Star Wars series, you might remember the Star Wars Rebels video game series that Lego released for the Nintendo DS and PSP back in 2011.

However, Lego Star War was the first LEGO video game to have a real Lego feel.

We are still a long way from a fully licensed version of the LEGO Star Wars Lego video, but we do have a list of Lego characters that you can unlock in the game to unlock more characters and sets.

There are also Lego models of characters that appear in the LEGO video games.

That’s just the beginning.

You can see some of the characters and figures in Lego Star World, which is an expansion of the original LEGO StarWars Lego video.

This is the LEGO series in action!

While the Lego series is still in development, the developers are working on a new Lego StarWars video game that is currently in the works.

I would love to hear what you think about this.

Let me know what you thought about the Lego products in the comments below.

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