Biden: ‘We can’t go back to the way things were’

The former president is not backing down on his support for the Affordable Care Act, but is making clear he doesn’t want to go back.

Asked by ABC News about his stance on the law, Biden said, “I’m not going to go into specifics because we can’t take a vote on this bill right now.

We can’t put the country on a path to collapse.”

Biden told ABC News on Tuesday he’s not backing away from his pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“I don’t think we can get this done.

I’ve said this before, this is a problem that is a serious problem.

We don’t know how to fix it,” he said.

He said the ACA, which he voted against in 2010, needs to be fixed “because the health care system that we have right now is a disaster.”

He added that he “believes that it’s not possible to get rid of it.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” he continued.

“But if we are going to do it, we need to do the right thing and fix the right things, and we’ve got to get the economy going.”

Biden also said he doesn.t want to “put the country in a position where people are saying, ‘Oh, you don’t want me to vote for this because it’s going to hurt me.'”

“We don’t have a lot of time.

I’m not saying this is the time to do this, but it’s certainly the time,” he added.

I just don’t believe that that is possible right now.”

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