Which of the cartoons do you like best?

The theme of the holiday is to celebrate the gift of the world, but the Israeli cartoonist and comedian Azriel Elie has a different take on the holiday.

The cartoons show a world that is suffering, Elie said.

They show children, who are crying and mourning the loss of their parents.

They also show a child in a wheelchair being treated for a serious illness.

Elie’s cartoons are filled with sadness and sadness, he said.

The theme of his cartoon series is “children, children, children,” Elie explained.

“Children, children… they are children, and that’s how I want to show them, to give them hope and hope in their suffering.”

Elie also has a special message for children who are suffering.

“My message is for all the children.

There are many different ways you can express your feelings,” he said, adding that it is the children who need to be protected.

“It’s our duty to protect them.”

The cartoons, Elies cartoons, have garnered praise and admiration on social media, with many saying that he is doing an important service to children.

“It’s a great cartoon, a great message, and it’s a wonderful illustration of a child’s suffering,” said Elie.

“Children are always hurting, and this cartoon gives them hope.”

The Israeli cartoonists Facebook page posted a video of the cartoon, titled “Children, Children… they’re crying and mourning the loss….”

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