Man in handcuffs for sex with interracial couple, court hears

Police say they caught a man in the act of having sex with two interracial couples in downtown Toronto.

Toronto police are appealing for the public’s help in identifying a man and woman they say were caught in the crossfire of an interracial relationship.

The incident took place on Aug. 26, 2017, in the city’s financial district.

The man, who cannot be named because he is a person of interest, said he was having sex and then realized he was being filmed by someone else.

He was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and released on bail.

He declined to comment, but police say they have video and witness statements.

One of the women, who is not an officer, was interviewed by officers and said she had sex with the man.

The woman said she was assaulted on the same day as the sex acts with the suspect, and that the suspect threatened to report her to the police.

In court, the man said he didn’t know he was recording the sex, and said he only realized he had been videotaped when the woman told him she was on Facebook.

He said he also wasn’t aware of the relationship between the two women.

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to lie,” he said.

Police say they found a laptop in the home where the man was arrested.

He’s facing charges of: Interracial sex, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, uttering threats, harassment, and breaching bail conditions.

Earlier this month, a Toronto woman was charged with uttering a threat to cause bodily harm to a woman because she had been filmed having sex.

At the time, Toronto police said they were concerned about the behaviour of the suspect.

According to court documents, police received a report about the video on Aug 1 and that they went to the house of the woman who said she received it on Aug 26.

Toronto police were called to the home after a woman in the neighbourhood said she saw a man having sex in the hallway of her home.

She said she then went outside and saw two people engaged in sexual activity.

The man was in the living room, she said, and when she came back inside, she saw that he was still naked.

When police arrived, the woman said the suspect had fled the home, and she called 911.

A witness, who identified himself as “Molly,” said she and the man were having sex, but said he had stopped talking and she didn’t want to be there.

Molly said the woman then got up and walked into the kitchen to get some food, when she saw the suspect standing over her.

She told police she got up, but he was standing there, she told the court.

Then, she heard the suspect say, “I’m sorry, Molly,” and walked away.

During the court appearance, the witness testified that she saw “the suspect” leave the house, and then saw him walking away.

She also said she walked to her car and stopped, because she thought she had seen the suspect leave.

After the woman called 911, the suspect was seen entering the condo in her neighbourhood.

Court documents allege that the woman had called police to report being assaulted and that she was then filmed having sexual intercourse with the suspects.

On Aug. 29, police arrested a 26-year-old man in connection with the incident.

He also has a history of criminal convictions, including drug possession and sexual assault.

His bail was set at $1,000,000.

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