Why did a toddler eat his toys

India has a long history of treating toy story to the utmost, but this time the child was not alone.

The toddler was on a mission to find his own toys in a new, exciting way, so he started searching for the best ones, even if they were expensive.

The story goes that the boy had come across a local shop selling the toys in his village.

When he asked the shopkeeper if he could buy one for his own, the shop owner suggested he take a look.

The boy started exploring the shop, eventually finding a toy that looked very familiar to him.

The boy started taking it home, and soon the toys he had found were selling for Rs 5,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 1,000.

He even started collecting them and selling them to family and friends.

The little boy even made it to a local toy store and got his hands on one of the new toys.

The shopkeeper had already received the toy from his father, who had sold it to him as a gift.

The shopkeeper told the story of the little boy and his newfound toys to local media outlets.

This was followed by a number of local newspapers and TV channels including NDTV, NDTV Now, The Times Of India, ND TV, NDtv.com and The Times of India Today.

The Times of Indian Today, one of NDTV’s flagship shows, also included the story, which was shared on social media.

The Times also reported the story on the show’s Facebook page.

The local news channel NDTV also posted a video of the boy with the toys on their way home.

The little boy is even shown walking around the house with his toys.

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