Which is the best Nativity Scene? (and which is the worst?)

MTV News has compiled a list of the best and worst nativity scenes.

Read on for their rankings and reactions.


The “Dawn of the New Moon” (2011) The scene was filmed at the New Jerusalem Church in Brooklyn, New York, in which Jesus performs the Nativity.

It’s a popular sight on Broadway, where it’s known as the “Darryl Gwynn Show.”


The Nativity scene at St. John Chrysostom’s Cathedral (2006) This scene was performed at St John Chrysotel’s Cathedral in Athens, Greece.

The cathedral is a church in the Greek Orthodox Church, which is part of the Roman Catholic Church.


The Nativity scene in Rome (2002) This Nativity scenes at the National Gallery in Rome were filmed in the Palazzo della Scala, an iconic Roman Catholic cathedral.


The nativity scene at the Vatican (2012) Pope Benedict XVI has used this Nativity image to commemorate the birth of Jesus, who died at the hands of Herod the Great in AD 65.


The birth of Christ at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (2012-13) In 2013, the Tomb was opened up to the public in a ceremony that lasted about 30 minutes.


The Birth of Christ in a Cemetery (2013) This image was captured by photographer Yossi Naim of Jerusalem’s Old City, and was seen at the tomb of Jesus in the Jerusalem cemetery.


The Baptism of Christ (1942) In this famous scene, the priest baptizes a young boy and then shows him the Holy Spirit, as the crowd cheered and cheered.


The Creation of Jesus Christ (1999) In the Bible, the word “son” is translated as “son of man.”

In the Nativities scene, Jesus is seen kneeling at the foot of a man who has been cast into the sea.


The Ascension of Christ with Mary Magdalene (1947) This photo was taken by photographer Michael P. Zaremba of St. Peter’s Basilica, where Mary Magdeline is baptizing the Virgin Mary.


The Cross in Bethlehem (1929) In 1929, the crucifixion scene in Bethlehem in Galilee was filmed by photographer William G. Stoddart.

The scene depicts Jesus and his disciples walking on water.


The Last Supper (1939) In 1939, actor Robert Culp, who played a Roman Catholic priest in The Godfather, was cast in a scene as the Roman pope, and filmed the entire encounter.


The Crucifixion of Christ, the Resurrection of Jesus and the Annunciation of Mary (1973) This picture was captured in the Vatican by photographer George T. Bischoff.

The crucifixion and the scene with Jesus are shown from different angles, with the scene from above showing the crucifix, and the one from below showing the infant Jesus.


The Passion of Jesus (1936) This portrait was shot by photographer Henry M. Kretschmann, who was hired to shoot the scene.


The Gospel of Thomas (1932) This was a scene from a 1933 film called The Gospel Of Thomas.

It depicted Jesus in a group of disciples who were all holding hands.


The Resurrection of Christ by Paul and John (1964) This is a scene where two young men hold hands with Jesus in his home on the night of his death.

The young men kneel with him, while a priest raises his hands, which symbolizes a blessing.


The Life of Jesus: A Vision of God (1994) This movie follows Jesus as he is crucified, and portrays his final moments as he walks toward the cross.

It features a number of other scenes, including the baptism of Jesus.


The Holy Spirit (1961) This famous Nativity story was filmed in 1966 in Rome.

It was released as a two-disc special, with a commentary by the late Francis Schaeffer, and included a scene that was filmed during a visit by the Pope to the tomb.


The Eucharist in the Church (1956) This story, which depicts Jesus in Jerusalem, is filmed in 1958.

It shows Jesus’ final moments at the cross as he’s being taken away by the crowd.


The Battle of Camelot (1960) This historical drama follows Jesus in this scene, where he leads his disciples into battle against the forces of darkness.


The Wedding Feast (1957) This romantic movie, written and directed by Robert Altman, tells the story of a wedding feast held in the Roman Colosseum.

The plot revolves around a young woman who falls in love with a young man and his family, but must choose between his mother and her husband, or choose between her and her lover.


The Story of Mary Magdelene (1965) This drama

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