How to tell a short story from a cartoon character

A friend of mine has an old favorite cartoon character from his childhood that he always wanted to draw.

The first few pages of his story, with a black-and-white drawing of a pink, cartoon-like woman, are the perfect opportunity to make that story.

The rest of the page is the same.

The woman is always a mystery, her hair always falls out, her smile never changes, her personality never changes.

I love the way this short story reminds me of my own childhood, as if I could write this story on my phone with no one around to see.

I also love how the story uses color to tell its story.

You see, my friends and I grew up with color TV, and that meant we used to look at the TV as a little color blind, so we would look at colors in order to tell stories about them.

We knew our cartoons were going to be animated, so that’s why I was always looking for ways to make the story more visually interesting.

The cartoon was my favorite, and so when I wrote this story, I wanted to show off some of my favorite colors, too.

I knew my cartoon could look really good with all the different styles of cartoon characters and backgrounds.

I just wanted to do something that felt like it could stand alone on the page, with its own personality and style.

So I picked the color of the woman, and I think I’ve succeeded.

It was a lot of fun making the story.

I had so much fun telling this story and having it be as visually interesting as possible.

Now that I have the coloring done, I can use it as inspiration to create more cartoon-inspired short stories.

And now, when I am drawing, I will have a great idea for a story.

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