Toy story of Irish man who has a huge pet rabbit

Traveller Sean McLean, from Louth, has a massive pet rabbit named Creme, which he keeps for two weeks a week.

Mr McLean says he and his wife had bought the rabbit as a birthday present from their friends at the time.

Mr McKelvie, a graphic designer, has lived in Louth for eight years and has a passion for animals.

He said: “I just have a huge passion for animal rights and I just like to show it off.”

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to a pet and I do keep a lot of rabbits.

“Mr McKellan said he has a small dog named Tootsie, which is a “nice companion” and has “grown up quite well”.”

I think the best thing about it is it has its own personality, it’s a bit like a dog.

“It is very friendly and it just loves to play.”

She loves to be cuddled, so that is really important for me.

“Mr Mclean said the rabbits have been an “enormous source of happiness” for him.

He explained: “Creme is very affectionate and she is really quite gentle, so she just needs to be taught how to sit and get used to the way I sit down.”

If I do get bored, she will go and sit on my shoulder and that is very helpful.”

But if I am doing the laundry or doing the garden work, then she is very, very, loving.

“Mr McNally, from Monaghan, added: “If I can have a pet rabbit that does that, I am really happy.

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