How to read an NYT story

The NYT’s latest list of stories published this week includes one about the new generation of women.

In a story about an American doctor who died of a stroke and a group of her colleagues, the NYT reports that the doctor, whose name is Susan Landon, was born in 1945 in Brooklyn, New York.

The article then details how she became a practicing doctor in the city, then moved to California, then California again, then the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she was the first female chief medical officer of the American Medical Association.

In the NYT’s explanation of why she died, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her doctors said that “the disease had killed her.”

The story, published Thursday, said that Landon died at the age of 67.

The NYT article did not say that her colleagues died from the stroke, but it did note that Lares doctors said they believe she suffered a “brain tumor.”

The NYT said that while some of her doctors believed that Laredons stroke was the cause of her death, others did not believe it.

The story did not mention that Laron was also diagnosed with an acute respiratory syndrome, or ARDS, a condition in which the body makes excessive amounts of CO2 and respiratory problems develop.

The Times story also did not name Laredon or explain why she was so different from other women who died after having strokes, but the NYT said it was “surprising” that the stroke was diagnosed as a cause of death in Laredones case.

The New York Times said that it would have been “inappropriate” to include the stroke in the article, given the complexity of Laredona’s illness and her history of brain tumors.

But it said that the “disagreement” about the cause was “not surprising” given that Larenas brain tumor had been found in her brain at a cancer center.

“The Times’ reporting on her death is one of the most important stories in the Times newsroom this week,” the NYT Editorial Board wrote.

This is a story where a great physician, a great doctor, died. “

This is not just a story of a great woman, who is one among many.

This is a story where a great physician, a great doctor, died.

This story is not about her, it is about her family and her friends and her colleagues.

This was a tragic loss for her family, for her colleagues and for the health care system.”

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