Why I love my friend’s Instagram story, and why it matters

It’s easy to forget about the power of social media posts, especially if you’re an outsider.

But for many people, it can also be an effective way to connect with the people who matter to them.

That’s because people share these kinds of posts for so many reasons: to show off how much they care, to share a moment of joy or a great moment in their lives, to express gratitude for a job well done, or to express a strong connection with someone who means the most to them in a way that few of us can say.

But sometimes, it’s a little too easy to just share a photo or a post without thinking about how the content you share may affect someone else’s life.

I’m here to show you that there are other ways to show your support and love for those who are less fortunate than you.

I hope you find that it’s easy enough to make the switch to Instagram Stories when you’re a stranger, or when you want to show people who you really are.

In fact, there are so many ways to create content that can be a powerful reminder to others of your support.

Here are 10 things you can do to make sure that your followers know you care.


Add your name to a list of your supporters that you’ve added in Instagram.

If you’re new to Instagram, or you’re already a fan, you’ll probably want to start with your Instagram account.

This will allow you to find other people like you in the platform, and it’ll also make it easier to add yourself to the list.

The best way to do this is to open up Instagram in your account, and tap the “Add friends” button.

When you’re done, tap the little icon in the upper right corner and select “Add to my profile.”

This will add your name, photo, and a description to a small list of friends.

The next time you open Instagram, you can add your own photo or name to the friend list as well.


Tag a person in a photo that you want them to see.

If a photo you want someone to see is shared with people who share your account and tag it, you should tag it with their name and then ask the person to add it to their feed.

This is another great way to show that you care, because it lets people know that you really want to share your story.

For example, you might tag a friend as “my mom” and ask them to tag your mom in the same photo with a caption that says, “Mommy’s really going to be here.”

You might tag someone else as “Mom” and tag their friend as the photo shows.


Share a photo in the caption to show appreciation.

If your photos are shared by friends, you could tag the person you’re tagging as a photo.

For instance, if your friend posts a picture of a tree, you may tag that person as “Tree.”

This is a great way for them to know that their friend shares your story and appreciate it. 4.

Share photos in support of someone who has a story they want to tell.

If they share a story that you think is important to them, like a recent fight with a loved one, you don’t need to tag the photo.

Just share a caption in the description of the photo that says: “Today was the first time I saw my dad’s story.

Thank you for sharing it.”

This might also be a great opportunity for you to show support and appreciation to a friend or family member who you know has a similar story.

This way, they’ll be reminded that you’re willing to share their story, too.


Tag your friends or followers as you share a message.

If someone you want your followers to see a photo of is tagged in a caption, they might also want to tag you as the person in the photo and share the message that you wrote.

When the caption is shared on Instagram, the image of the tag will appear alongside the caption.


Add a caption to a photo to tell someone how you feel about something.

Sometimes it’s helpful to share something in a different context.

If it’s an event that is affecting your friends and family, you probably want them know that they should check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates about that event.

The same can be true for a story you want others to know about.

To share a picture, you need to first tag your friend or followers, and then add a caption.

For more examples of how to tag friends and followers, read “How to Tag Friends and Followers on Instagram.”


Tag the photo of someone else with a comment that you can share with them.

If that’s not your idea of fun, try tagging a friend, friend of a friend who has similar interests, or someone in your own family.

Just make sure you tag them with a positive and supportive comment about the person and the photo you tagged them in.

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