How Twitter banned #herstory from its platform

ESPN Cries Out for Hush, Twitter Pulls #HerStory article Twitter banned herstory from the platform after it was published.

The news outlet first reported the ban on Thursday, and now the company is removing the story.

Twitter said in a statement that the story “is not endorsed by the company” and is “not intended to represent the views of the company.”

In a follow-up tweet, the company acknowledged that it has “received numerous reports from fans about this account.”

It said the account was “not associated with Twitter” and “is being removed because it violates our policies.”

Twitter removed #Herstory from their platform on March 31, but it was later reinstated.

Twitter has been a vocal supporter of gay rights.

Last year, the social media giant took down a story about a woman who was assaulted in a nightclub.

In January, Twitter also removed a report about a man being raped by a woman.

Twitter has also suspended several accounts and removed content over a number of issues, including the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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