Which NBA team is trending the most?

The NBA is a crowded place.

While there are plenty of exciting teams out there, it’s hard to know which ones are the hottest.

Let’s take a look at some of the most talked about teams and which ones have the most interesting storylines.

The Lakers have some interesting stories to tell.

They’ve made some bold moves in recent years, adding Carmelo Anthony and D’Angelo Russell in free agency and adding some young talent in Lonzo Ball and Dwayne Bacon in the draft.

The Lakers have also won back-to-back titles and are looking to repeat this season, so it’s possible that the team could be headed for a return to the playoffs.

But before you get excited about the team’s potential, it is important to look at the team as a whole.

As we mentioned above, the Lakers have made some big moves in the past few years.

They drafted Brandon Ingram and Jahlil Okafor in the first round, adding veteran big man Jordan Clarkson.

They added guards Kaleb Tarczewski and Dante Exum and guard Mike D’Antoni in the second round.

They also added center D’Juan Blair and center Jarnell Stokes in the fourth round.

All of these moves were notable for their impact on the franchise.

But they’re not the only teams that are looking for young talent.

The Golden State Warriors, who are looking like a lock to win the NBA title this season despite missing Steph Curry for a little bit, have been busy adding some talent around the league.

They signed Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Andre Iguodala to their roster this past offseason, adding some veteran leadership and depth to the team.

While Durant is not as valuable as Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant as a scorer, he’s still the best player in the NBA.

In fact, Durant’s a better player than Kevin Durant if you don’t include Durant’s assists.

So the Warriors will likely be a force in the Western Conference this season.

The Warriors also signed D’Andre Jordan and Deandre Ayton, both big-time scorers, to their rosters.

Jordan is a versatile, scoring wing with some skills on the defensive end.

He has the ability to score in the paint and has the speed and athleticism to score from everywhere.

Ayton has a lot of upside.

He’s a great defender, and he’s an athletic, versatile forward who can shoot from everywhere on the court.

Jordan and Ayton will likely form a great defensive partnership, and both players have a great understanding of how to play the game.

In their two seasons together, Jordan has played in just three playoff games, and Aytons has played just two games.

Both of these players could be valuable additions to the Warriors, but they are both still young and will need time to develop.

As long as Durant remains sidelined, the Warriors won’t be getting too much out of Jordan and Aytons, even if they are able to land some of their younger talent.

In terms of storylines, the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Cavs have added Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, and have also added the veteran veteran Dion Waiters, who is coming off a terrific rookie season.

Waiters will be a huge help to the Cavaliers, who will be able to keep Kyrie from becoming a distraction.

The Cavaliers have also signed some of LeBron James’ former teammates, including Josh Smith, and signed several young stars, including J.R. Smith, DeMar DeRozan, and Trevor Ariza.

The Cavs also added another superstar to the roster this offseason, Dion Waitert, who can guard multiple positions on the floor.

The only downside to Waitert is that he doesn’t have a huge upside yet, but he should be able help the Cavs improve defensively, while also helping Kyrie get more comfortable in his new role.

The Cavaliers also added some veteran depth in their frontcourt.

Dion Waiter has experience playing with LeBron James and Kyriakos Papadopoulos, so he should help the team with their transition to LeBron James, as well as providing some veteran playmaking to the young players around him.

Cleveland also signed another veteran to the backcourt, James Johnson, who should help with the team having to play with two new players.

Cleveland is also going to have a lot more help around the rim as it attempts to build a rim defense.

But if they can add some depth at the wing, Cleveland could be one of those teams that can go deep in the playoffs and win it all.

The Houston Rockets are another team that has a young team with some big-name players.

They acquired Chris Paul in a trade with the Clippers in exchange for Trevor Arizaza, who played two seasons with the Rockets.

Arizazas defensive ability and ability to pass and shoot will be valuable to the Rockets, who have

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