The story behind the funniest and most bannered short stories

The funniest stories on Instagram are usually short, and we’ve gathered them here in a special selection of stories that are the subject of a Twitter conversation.

Some of them are hilarious and others, not so much.

It’s a bit of a debate as to which are the funnier, and which are not.

We’ve tried to pick the most banqueting, but if you think you know the funnies then feel free to tweet them to us!

In this special selection we’ve picked stories that we think are hilarious, and then have put them in a handy storybook format.

These are some of the funnest short stories we’ve seen on Instagram in the past month, and are the kind of stories we’d love to share with our friends on social media.

But if you’re not keen on having them posted on Instagram, we’ve also included stories that you might find more funny on the news, or even better stories you might enjoy in your own life.

We’ll also have a selection of short stories to choose from that are not on the list. Enjoy!

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