Daddy, the Disney movie, and the Disney princess, are back together!

Disney Princesses are getting some love on the small screen.

Disney’s new animated feature Daddy’s Home, about a father raising a young boy after his daughter’s death, has made more than $1 billion worldwide and grossed $3.4 billion at the domestic box office, according to The Wrap.

The film has made over $1 million in China alone.

The movie is directed by Brad Bird, and is based on the bestselling book by Amy Poehler, who wrote the original book of the same name.

The original story, written by Bird, told the story of a grieving father raising his two young sons, and his relationship with the woman he named Cindy, in an effort to raise them in the tradition of the traditional Chinese culture.

Bird is a fan of the Disney movies, which have made him a household name and his films have been nominated for three Academy Awards.

Daddy’s home is the second Disney movie to receive a Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination.

The Oscar-nominated feature The Book of Mormon was named Best Animated Film for its adaptation of the Book of Ether, and The Lion King was nominated for Best Animated Picture.

Daddy has earned more than a million dollars in China.

Daddy, which stars Will Ferrell, will premiere on Disney XD in China in April.

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