How to take the fall in golf: It’s not a game

As the U.S. Golf Association announced on Monday that it will no longer honor its players’ World Golf Championships gold medals at the U, the UGA will not honor the Gold Medal winners, which includes the two-time Olympic gold medalist Tiger Woods.

Golf Digest reports that the decision was made by the UGAC’s governing body, the Board of Directors.

“Golf has become a sport that’s so much more than just a game, and I think we can all agree that this is one of the reasons why it is so much fun,” the UPGA’s Executive Director, Gary Bledsoe, told the publication.

“Our players have been treated unfairly, and now we are going to take action.”

The Board of Trustees said that, “while we respect and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the UAA, the board has determined that it is not appropriate to honor the individual gold medalists of the United States Golf Association, the Gold Medals of the USA Women’s Open Championship and the USA Men’s Open championship, the United Kingdom Open, the US Open Championship, the French Open, and the Ryder Cup.”

Bledsoes’ statement was issued on behalf of the Board, which is composed of the presidents and vice presidents of the golf organizations of the world.

The decision to no longer honour the Gold medalists was made on March 10.

According to Golf Digest, Woods had been awarded the 2016 PGA Tour Championship trophy for winning the U-23 Women’s World Championship.

He was named the 2016 US Open Champion and was the last of the five players who won the PGA Championship in 2016 to earn a second PGA tour title.

Woods is also the only player to have won a major title in three different eras of the tour, the longest of which occurred in 2015.

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