How to avoid Waco massacre in the words of President-elect Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s election in November set off a national debate on race and violence in America.

The American Jewish Committee and other Jewish organizations have called on the Trump administration to implement a federal law that would ban the purchase, sale, manufacture and use of weapons of any kind by any federally licensed dealer, regardless of whether the gun was purchased legally.

On Monday, a federal judge in New York ruled that Trump had violated the ban by allowing his son-in-law Jared Kushner to buy an AR-15 rifle from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

“If the president-elect does not take this matter seriously, then his actions are not only irresponsible but potentially dangerous,” said the AJC’s executive director, Jonathan Greenblatt.

“The president-donald cannot, in good conscience, continue to let the federal government make these decisions for the rest of us.

He cannot let this matter fester in the White House and allow it to become a distraction for the nation’s safety.”

A federal appeals court also recently sided with the Trump family in a legal challenge to the ban, allowing it to remain in place until the Trump team makes any changes.

A federal judge has already ruled that the ban is unconstitutional, ruling that Trump’s actions do not constitute a “compelling government interest.”

“It is the duty of Congress to make the gun purchase, transfer, or manufacture lawful under the Second Amendment, which protects the right of citizens to keep and bear arms for self-defense,” wrote Judge Stephen Reinhardt.

“And if Congress wants to make sure that such a weapon is lawfully owned by a lawful person, it must do so.”

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