‘I want to kill my husband’: Married couple reveal love story to ABC News

A husband and wife are revealing their love story on ABC News to help raise awareness of the pandemic.

The couple, who are married in Queensland, have been in a long-term relationship for two years and are sharing their story on the ABC Radio National show, Live at the Royal Melbourne Theatre.

On the show, the couple said their marriage has been very happy and their children have always enjoyed playing with them.

“We were living together for six years and we always enjoyed going out, but it was not for us at all, we just enjoyed being together,” said the husband, a former engineer.

“When we started our relationship we were really happy, but then after about six months we started having some problems and it started to break down, we started feeling really depressed.”

The wife, who also works in IT, said she was always able to control her moods, but over time she started to become less happy.

“It started to get really bad for a couple of months, it was really hard to go to sleep at night and I couldn’t go to work,” she said.

“I didn’t know what to do.”

The couple said they did try to work out how to get through the worst of it, but eventually the problems started to creep up on them.

They said it was when their children began having a harder time, and they decided to give up the marriage.

“That was when I started to think, ‘This is not a relationship, this is just a marriage,'” said the wife.

“The children were becoming quite depressed and so I was starting to feel really lonely.”

“We started thinking, well, we can just have children, and that was the best thing for us,” she continued.

“So we just took it as a decision that we couldn’t have children anymore, we would be happy with our current situation.”

On the radio show, they said they were grateful to be able to share their story to help others understand how it had affected their lives.

“They are all grown up now and I can understand what they are going through and how it feels, but for me it is so different, I cannot understand how a family can survive like this,” said Mrs Smith.

“This is how families can go through it.”

“The best thing that we can do for our family is to take care of each other,” she added.

The ABC contacted the couple for comment, but they have not responded yet.

“To be honest, I just feel like we are doing all right,” Mrs Smith said.

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